Good news for Kashoo users : MailChimp add-on is here!!!

Kloud Connectors is happy to announce the addition of one more Connector to our family, KTM (Kashoo To MailChimp ) Connector. Now, even Accounting guys can easily send beautiful emails to their customers using MailChimp!

This one way connector is designed to follow the business process within companies. It gives you option to choose whether you would like to sync customers or vendors or both to MailChimp. It also gives you flexibility of choosing which MailChimp lists each should go. Using custom fields mapping, you can also ensure that any changes in names, phone numbers, address is correctly reflected in both your Clouds, Accounting cloud as well as Email cloud.

This integration between Kashoo and MailChimp by Kloud Connectors gives you a facility to schedule the syncs. This way, you don’t have to remember to sync them, the changes will get synced automatically everyday at a time of your choice. The dashboard of your Kloud Connectors account will show you Sync Details as well as Sync Errors if any, so that you can take corrective actions right there. Giving Such transparency in syncs, such control over data to all the users is a hallmark of Kloud Connectors. And for this connector as well, we have provided all these facilities to give a consistent experience to all our users.

15 days Free Trial is available for KTM Connector so that you can see it in action before clicking the buy button. The price of monthly subscription, where there is no limit on number of records imposed by us, starts from US$ 5. For such a small amount, what you get is a hassle free working with both the Clouds that you love, Kashoo and MailChimp.

If you are a Kashoo User and MailChimp fan, why don’t you give it a try ? Trial is Free.

And it works with all the editions, including the free ones!

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