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Growth Strategies for small IT companies

The global landscapes have changed considerably in last two years. IT industry was badly affected as it is directly dependent on the core industries. In such difficult times, small IT companies are affected more than the large ones. Small IT companies need different strategies to survive and need to think differently. There are various decisions that small IT companies need to take to survive global recession and more importantly to chalk out their growth strategy. We help small IT companies in Strategy Formulation and execution.

Program Management

Salient features of Suvichartech’s Program Management Services:

  • Focus on strategic goals and requirements all through the life cycle as well as across the portfolios/projects
  • Ability to understand “organizational environment” quickly and devise a strategy to overcome barriers after discussion with top management
  • Holistic view integrating People, Process and Technology (infrastructure) assets
  • Continuous Improvement through the execution based on feedback analysis and integration of lessons learnt through the life cycle as well as across the program elements
  • Metrics based assessments to support the asset management
  • Risk based control through management by exception and early warning systems
  • Inclusive approach in seeking as well as facilitation collaboration between all stakeholders (both internal and external)

Social Media Strategy

Social media can be a great tool which can grow your business by leaps and bound. Many organizations across the globe are using social media to increase their business revenue, build brands and to increase customer loyalty. Social media is very tricky to manage. It may give you excellent results if done properly or else it can have adverse effects on the organization.

Suvichartech helps customers build their social media strategy, execute and measure ROI of it.

Social media is a long term play. But one has to build strategy looking at the current state. Organizational commitment is required in order to make social media adoption. Our initial engagement is generally for a period of 6 months to 1 year.

  • Define

    In this stage, the emphasis on understanding our own business in better way. The questions like what we do, who are our customers, what are our short term/long term goals, what is our business strategy, demographics etc. At the end of this stage we decide on our social media strategy, roles and responsibilities, channels, tools, distribution, measurement criteria, content creation schedule, budget , goals etc.

  • Analyze

    In this stage, we analyze the kind of business we are in and what influences customers in our segment. We also look at competitors and analyze their social media strategy. We also analyze the best practices and its effect. We also look at the demographics of our prospective customers and their habits.

  • Execute

    In this stage, we execute our social media strategy. We listen to conversations, identify top influencers, top communities, share content in different channel etc.

  • Engage

    The whole objective of social media is to engage with your customers all the time. No one can give you better feedback about your products/services than your customers. The feedback needs to be acted on effectively and politely. It is also important to influence prospective customers to take “buy” action.

  • Measure

    In this stage, we measure the effectiveness of social media strategy periodically. We can make adjustment to our actions based on findings we have over the period of time. It usually takes few months before you can see the actual results.

  • Continuous improvement:

    Social media is a long term play. Organizations must continuously improve based on results.

Cloud adoption advisory

Cloud Consulting and Assessment

Suvichartech’s cloud consulting services help customers evaluate cloud as part of their overall IT service delivery strategy, recommend which enterprise applications can be moved to the cloud, target operating model, benefits/risks, people, process and technology for using Cloud.

The two key services in this space are Cloud on boarding Assessment and Migration Assessment.

Cloud on boarding Assessment

Suvichartech helps CIO’s/business owners in finding answers to some critical questions which are:

  • Can I leverage cloud to enhance value of IT?
  • Which IT components are suitable for cloud?
  • What kind of cloud is suitable for organization?
  • Who should be the cloud provider?
  • What is required to successfully adopt cloud?

Business Benefits

  • Aligning cloud computing strategy with business strategy
  • Roadmap recommendations for cloud through focused business case
  • Quantitative assessment using tools to determine ROI/TCO analysis
  • Best practices, tools and frameworks giving a detailed map of migration opportunities

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