Custom SaaS Connectors

Today, every company is trying to use as many cloud services as possible. Every day new cloud services are being launched. Most of the organizations are trying to use these cloud services for their business processes. As cloud services adoption grows, there is a need to connect all these SaaS services and local systems in order to achieve the smooth business process integration.

Currently there are a few vendors which offer SaaS integration services based on their platform. Unfortunately, these services are very expensive and are out of reach of SMB segment of the market. Suvichar Tech understands this problem and we are here to address the integration needs of the SMB segment.

Most of the SaaS-SaaS Connectors help in the integration of different platforms/software. This helps in increasing the productivity by reducing the work efforts of working on two independent software. These connectors make the work much easier by establishing the connection and thereby making a seamless integration in most cases. We have many ready solutions which can be customized according to client’s requirements.

Custome-Saas-Implementation Suvichar Tech

Ready Solutions:

  • Zoho CRM to MailChimp Integration Utility
  • Zoho CRM to XERO Integration Utility
  • 1Shopping cart to Zoho CRM Integration Utility
  • Zoho CRM to Shopify Integration Utility
  • Zoho CRM To Constant Contact Integration Utility
  • Zoho CRM to Campaign Monitor Integration Utility
  • Zoho CRM to Big Commerce Integration Utility

We are always willing to go extra mile to cater to all integration requirements for your SaaS applications.

The integration can also be done as per the client’s requirements for specific software / platform.

Looking to Get Started?

We have an Custom SaaS Connectors project planner that is the most simpler way to get your project started,
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