Suvichar Technologies announces the launch of ZTCC: Integration utility for Zoho CRM and Constant Contact

An innovative product which synchronizes Zoho CRM leads and contacts with Constant Contact lists is all set to offer big advantage to Zoho CRM and Constant Contact users.

31 May 2011—Pune, India: Suvichar Technologies has announced the release of an integration utility which connects Zoho CRM with Constant Contact. This integration utility has many advantages which would help organizations in customer acquisition, retention and loyalty.

With the advent of growing businesses services on cloud, more and more companies are using them to cut their IT costs.SMB segment is making use of these online services. Most of the times these services work in silos. The business processes are not connected. It is very important to keep all business processes connected for success of any business. It is very important to keep the customer contacts synchronized with your marketing activities. This would help in keeping the customers informed and thus increasing the customer loyalty as well as cross selling. However, there is a gap experienced in the synchronization and integration of the cloud based applications. Users of Zoho CRM and Constant Contact were facing challenge as there was no automated service which syncs these two applications.

Since last couple of years, Zoho CRM ( has been undoubtedly the best CRM for SMB segment. They have also been able to retain top position in CRM suite as per (…). Constant Contact is one of the leading mailing service, which provides email marketing and campaign management service. Constant Contact ( provides you a mailing service, which helps in reaching out to your current and potential clients much more efficiently, and facilitate interaction with clients. It also helps in developing the brand image of your business.

ZTCC (Zoho CRM to Constant Contact) utility is an integration product which integrates Zoho CRM leads and contacts to Constant Contact lists. You can do segmented campaigns, send newsletters, inform customers about changes etc through Constant Contact integration. ZTCC reduces your efforts to manually migrate the leads and contacts from Zoho CRM to Constant Contact and also makes it easier to do segmented campaigns. Also, you can seamlessly integrate other fields from CRM to the mailing list and thereby have a complete track of the details of leads and contacts, even in the mailing lists. As both the applications are SaaS based applications, the ZTCC service is also offered as a SaaS based service.

According to CEO Mr. Vinay Joshi, “ZTCC would help our customers to connect two business processes viz CRM and email marketing system. Zoho CRM customers can now take advantage of ConstantContact’s great emarketing features by working in Zoho CRM itself. This will help our customers to identify, acquire, retain their customers. Since this is cloud based service, customers can take advantage of the low pricing to connect their two important business systems.”

About Suvichar Technologies:

Suvichar Technologies is an information technology services and consulting company. We offer innovative solutions to businesses across the globe which increases client’s revenue as well as enhances productivity. We are focused on SaaS based CRM solutions, cloud computing applications, web application development, mobile computing, custom SaaS connectors and social networking. We have several ready to use SaaS Connectors, CRM accelerators and SaaS solutions.

About Zoho CRM:

Zoho CRM is a complete customer relationship life‐cycle management software for managing Sales, Marketing, Customer Support, and Inventory activities in a single system. It is simple to use, yet packed with features for automation, customization, integration, and collaboration that allow you to grow your business and have a 360‐degree view of your customer interactions.

About Constant Contact:

Constant Contact is an email marketing system. With Constant Contact one can send marketing campaigns, newsletters, offers and track the click through results. This can also be integrated with Google analytics which would help in tracking conversion as well.

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