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 Web 2.0 has disrupted the way we look at the web. It has even changed the way we do our business. It is very common before any purchase whether it is personal or for business purpose, we learn about that product / service from the web. Unless, we do proper research and also form our own opinions ( through blogs/reviews) , we don’t buy anything. It has become very important for businesses to watch and engage into this space if they really want to become successful. Today, many businesses have become successful in creating their own image through lots of interesting ways on the web and have benefited. It is necessary for every organization in future to have proper Web 2.0 strategy.

We offer following services in this space :

Web 2.0 Consulting

Suvichartech offers an outcome driven and collaborative two- to four-week Assessment Workshop – to help you benchmark and determine what change will provide the highest impact. The assessment is conducted by experts from Suvichartech, with prior Web 2.0 experience. Since Web 2.0 touches lives of every person in the organization, we generally interact with people at all levels in the organization.

Web 2.0 Strategy

Web 2.0 strategy should be aligned to your strategic vision. Workshop consists of in-depth study of current market parameters such as target market, competition, desired performance levels and technology strategy for web 2.0 implementation. This also talks about the right mix for the organization based on their market segment, external environment and also internal environment.

Web 2.0 Roadmap

Web 2.0 roadmap is prepared to address the implementation plan for Web 2.0 for an organization. This maps with your short term and long term business goals.

The Suvichartech team will study the current situation, identify bottlenecks, and develop a set of prioritized recommendations. Our team deep understands Web 2.0 space and experience enables us deliver tangible high-impact business returns.

Web site Development/Redesign

At Suvichartech, we believe that the key to an effective website is the design and it’s alignment with your business strategy. We begin by finding out everything we need to know about your business, your business objectives and chalk out a content strategy. Once the content has been outlined, we effectively organize the content so that your customer can reach the desired web page easily. In short, we make sure that your website is interactive, dynamic and engaging. Every website we develop is unique because each website is the logical result of a unique thought process tailored for your business. Our strategy is based on how to leverage our technology expertise to achieve your business objectives through your website.Based on customer requirements, we decide content management system and technologies for web site development.

Leader of Wesbite Development

Responsive Website

Maintenance and Up-gradation

Launch and Set Up

Our custom website design process is a step by step logical process with the following milestones:

  • Requirement gathering: Collect all the requirements and objectives, research.
  • UI and information architecture design: Graphic design of the UI, determine the information architecture and perform wire-framing.
  • Content generation: Develop customized content for the website.
  • Coding: HTML, CSS and JavaScript coding.
  • Integrating all parts and testing of the web site against universal standards of web development and business requirements.

Search Engine Optimization

Today a vast majority of the Internet users find web sites/pages they require only by using search engines. Search engine optimization is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic (amount of visitors) to a website from search engines by way of natural search results.

Suvichartech is committed to providing website marketing services including search engine optimization, pay per click management and natural link building services that will bring you active customers who are interested in your products and services to your website. Our experts analyze the search engines and conceive methods to make your website search engine friendly. From helping you to choose the best keyword targets to seeing your website among the top positions on the major search engines, we will work with you to maximize your return on investment from our SEO services.

Our Process or Strategy for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is as follows:

  • Website Analysis
  • Site Optimization
  • Keyword Research and Analysis
  • Code Optimization
  • Link Building
  • Site Submission
  • Report
  • Site Maintenance

Web Marketing

Web marketing, also referred to as online marketing or internet marketing is an all inclusive term for marketing products or services and reaching out to both existing and new customers through internet. It involves advertising, selling, customer service, market research and brand management. This can achieved through search engine optimization or cost per click or both.

According to survey, around 50% of the purchases made in developed countries are made after “googling”(or similar search) on the particular product. People also look at the product reviews, blogs and experiences of other people before making any decisions. Hence it is very important for organizations to look at this channel very seriously. Social networks also play important role any buying or selling decision.

Suvichartech offers strategic web marketing and search engine marketing solutions. Our high-quality web marketing keeps you at the top of the search engines long-term, increasing visibility and traffic and also will convert your website visitor into a customer. We also help you to reach your marketing goals through targeted blogs and newsletters.

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